Esaote S-Scan


2013 System. Dedicated MRI System. C-shaped Permanent Magnet with 0.25 Tesla Field Strength, Vertical Field for Higher SNR and Improved Image Quality, Fast Gradient Coils with 20 mT/m Graident Strength, 08ms Rise Time (0 to 20 mT/m) Slew Rate, Radio Frequency Transmission Coil, Internal Thermostatic Control System, Real Time Positioning Module with LCD, S-scan Patient Table with Swivel Design Max Weight 440 lbs., S-Scan RF System has (2) 1050 Watt RF Amplifiers and Passive Receive Only Coils, Set of (6) Coils: DPA Shoulder, Standard Shoulder, DPA Knee, DPA Hand-Wrist, DPA Foot and Ankle, Flexible Multi-Purpose Coil, Standard Spine Package: DPA Lumbar Spine (2) and Cervical Spine Coil, Imaging Parameters: Scountview, Acquisition Matrix Max 2D & 3D, Slice Thickness: 2D 2mm, 3D 0.6mm, FOV: 10cm-40cm, Number of Slices: 1-256, Pulsed Sequences Included: Multi-planar Scout, Spin Echo T1, Spin Echo T2, Multi Echo, Inversion Recovery (IR), Short TI Inversion Recovery, Spine Echo Half Echo, Spin Echo Half Scan, Turbo SE T2 , Turbo ME, Gradient Echo, Short Time Inversion Recovery Gradient Echo, Gradient Echo 3D, Speed Spin Echo T2, Fast FLAIR, XBone, 2D & 3D HYCE , FSE STIR, STIR T2 weighted, Fast Spin Echo, 3D Steady State SHARC, SS T1 SS T2, SPEED-UP, MAR , True Motion, Real Time Positioning Sequence, CPU: Intel Core 15, Memory 4GB, Hard Disk 1 T8 Drive, Windows Vista Operating System, Image Format: DICOM, JPEC, TIFF, 24 inch LCD Super High Resolution High Contrat Monitor, Insallation Tools and Calibraion Phantom Set DICOM Printing Interface, DICOM Functionality (Storage, Media Exchange, Pring Management SCU, Worklist Management), Manuals. Available now.


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