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OEC 9400

1991 Model. Available Now.


OEC 9600 Vascular

Dual Monitors, 12″ Image Intensifier, 25 Frames Per-Second. Available Now!


Philips BV-Pulsera

Philips BV-Pulsera 12 Vascular LCD C-Arm, Manufactured December 2007.Orthopedic and Surgical. Call For More Details.


Siemens Siremobil 2000

Dual Monitors, 9/6″ Image Intensifier, Videomed D, Memoskop 50-Image Storage with Last-Image Hold, 8×10 Hard Copy Camera, Cassette Holder. Available Immediately, ! Serial No. 02476-SO1.


Philips Brilliance 40 Slice

Philips Brilliance 40 Channel CT System,40 Slice Simultaneous Acuisition, 60kW Generator, MRC 8.0 MHU Tube, Dose Management, COBRA, UltraImage, Q-CTA, Brilliance Workspace Workstation, DICOM. Available Now.

CT Scanner


FOR PARTS ONLY. Software Version 3.27 (Upgraded 1999, Tube Replaced 8/99). Dual Buckys (18×24 & 24×30), Automatic Compression, Variable SID, Magnification Device, High Frequency Generator, Phototiming, All Standard Compression and Spot Compression Paddles, Biopsy Paddle, Localization Kit, Lead Glass Shield, All Available Manuals & Accessories, Several


GE LX EchoSpeed Plus

1.5T CX-K4 Actively Shielded SHORT-BORE Magnet, Echo-speed Plus 33 mT/m gradient (acgd type) w/ 120 slew rate, LX Octane SGI Computer, Patient Table with Step down Platform Reflex 50 Recon Module with 256 BAM Color LCD Monitor Smart Prep 2000 Scan RX Surface Coil Intensity Correction T1 Fair and Fast Recovery Fast Spin Echo Sequences (SSFSE), STIR, FAME, FSE/XL, Single Shot Diffusion, SGD Perfusion EchoPlanar Imaging (DWEPI) Fast Gradient Echo (Flair EPI) Time of Flight (Echoplanar 3DTOF) Three Plain Localizer Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging Functional Tool Vox Tool Intravascular Imaging Clair-view, Multi-slice/Multi-angle LX Scan Tools 2000 Software is 9.1 Level Operating Software with Octane Host. Coils Include: General Purpose Flex Head Coil TMJ Coil Torso Flex Array Coil Small Flex coil Knee (Extremity) CTL Array Coil (attachment for: Carotids, Cervical, and Soft Tissue Neck) Body Coil Shoulder Coil w/large and small cup.


GE Signa 1.0T Mobile

In 2000 48′ Calumet Coach, Insite Interactive Platform Global Modem, Short Bore CX, K4-100 Magnet, Helium Compressor- Variable FOV from 4cm to 48cm, Patient Apeture 60cm-Patient Bore 70cmx60cmx60cm, Table can be undocked and removed, High Performance Gradient System- Slew Rate 30 T/M/s (23m T/m), Software: Spin Echo, Gradient Echo, Inversion Recovery, Fast Spin Echo, SS-Fast Spin Echo, Fast Gradient Echo, Time of Flight, PC, Cline, Fast Flair, EPI, IVI, 3D Surface Rendering, Clairview, Coils: QD Transmit, Receiver Head, QD Transmit/ Receive Body, Phased Array CTL Spine, Dual Array Pkg, 2-3″ General Purpose , 2-General Purpose Flex, Dual Array Adapter, Medrad TMJ Positioning Device, Eye & Ear Surface Coil Holder, Shoulder Array, Receive Only Phased Array Torso Coil of Pelvis, Abdomen, Hip, QD Extremity (Knee, Foot, Ankle), Dicom Compatibility: Dicom 3.0 Storage Service Class (SCU), (SCP), 4.3 GB Hard Drive, Short Term Archive of 20,000 Images, Pathfinder PC, Re-Writeable Maxoptic Mod Storage Drive(Dicom 3.0 Compatable), Operator Console with High Res 1280×1024 Color Monitor, Mercury Array Processor, Reflex 20, Reconstruction of 35 Images/ Sec, Additional 128mb Bulk Array Memory, Kodak Dryview 8100 Laser Imager, Trailer : Ready- Step Entry Stair- AM/FM Stereo Sound System with CD Player, (2) High Performance Air Conditioning/ Heating Systems, 30KW Diesel Engine Generator with Engine Block Heater.


Siemens Concerto

0.2 Tesla Small Foot-Print C-Shaped Permanent Magnet, 20 mT/m Gradient System, Syngo Software, Phased Array, Turbo Neuro Imaging Package, MR Angiography Package, Coils: CP Head, Large Neck, Medium Neck, CP Medium Body/Spine, CP Large Body/SpineSmall Loop, CP Shoulder, CP Medium Extremity, CP Large Extremity. Available Now!


Toshiba Opart

PARTS ONLY: 0.35T OPEN Magnet. Software Level V 4.00 R623, Dicom 3.0, Artic Chiller, Phased Array Option, 2002 Computer Upgrade. Coils: Head, Quad C-Spine, Linear C-spine, SM, LG and XL Body , T/LSpine, Shoulder array, SM Joint, Extremity coil, Shoulder. Was Fully Maintained by Toshiba until removal,


Alphatek AX 700 LE

Low-Usage! Cleaned and Drained. Tanks, Stand, Pull-Out Tray.


ATL HDI 5000 Sono CT

195.25 Software, Performance 2000, ECG, Color Power Angio, Contrast, Spec. Imaging, Harmonics, DICOM, Cardio, Abdominal, Adult Echo, Cerebro, Pediatric Echo, Peripheral Vascular, Transcranial, Transophageal, 3D Grayscale, Tissue Doppler, Sono CT; C5-2 Broadband Curved, C8-5 Broadband Curved, L7-4 Broadband Linear & L12-5 38mm Broadband Linear; SONY MD-830 VCR, P4OU B&W Printer. In-stock.


GE Vivid Five

PARTS UNIT: GE Vingmed Vivid-Five


Philips HDI-5000

Color Doppler, In good condition with Five (5) Transducers : Phased Array P4-2, Curved Array C5-2, Linear Array L4-7, Linear Array 12-5, and Trans-Vaginal. Available Now.


Toshiba SSH-140A

PARTS ONLY: Color Doppler, 5.4 Software, PVF-375MT, PLF-503NT, PLF-705S & PVF-375MT Transducers


Hologic QDR 4500SL

Great Condition. Hip, Spine and Supine lateral Scanning. In-Stock! Complete System. Call for more details. S/N 45364SL.

Bone Densitometer

Lunar DPX-IQ

Manufactured 1999. Complete System Has a 2005 Tube Head. Excellent Condition with all parts and accessories. Available Now.

Bone Densitometer

Lunar DPX-IQ Compact

1997 DPX-IQ Compact, Complete System, Great Condition. Black-Skin, 6ft. Table, All Accessories, Manuals, Patient Positioning, and Phantoms Included. In Stock Now!

Bone Densitometer

Lunar DPX-MD Compact

Great System in Excellent Condition with Latest 4.7E Software, In Stock! S/N 20576.

Bone Densitometer

Lunar Pixi

PARTS ONLY: Peripheral DEXA, Notebook Computer with Touchpad, Windows ’95, Pixi 1.34 Software, Nitro 3D, HP 890C Deskjet Printer, 2 Phantoms, Manual, Training Video, QA Records, System Cart. In Stock.

Bone Densitometer


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