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GE LightSpeed Ultra

8 Slice CT-Scanner, Excellent Condition, Under Full GE Service Contract, NEW Tube October 2006, 53.0 KW Generator, 3D Imaging, DICOM, Optical Disc. Available Now.

CT Scanner

Philips Brilliance 16

6 Slice UPGRADED to 16 Slice CT, Water Cooled, RapidView Reconstruction, DoseWise, Logical Guided Flow, ScanTools, Dose Management, Post-processing and communication, Gantry Aperture: 700mm Diameter, Generator Output Capacity: 48kW, Dynamic Focal Spot, Anode Storage Capacity: 5.2MHU, Axial Scanning, Host Computer: Windows XP, Filming, DICOM Connectivity, 18۪۪ Flat Panel Monitor, CD Writer for Console, Bolus Tracking, 100KVA Isotran Plus. Available Now.

CT Scanner

Philips Brilliance 16 Slice

Philips Brilliance 16 Slice CT Scanner, upgraded from a MX 8000 IDT 16, Vitrea Workstation, Gantry, Patient couch, Computer, Optical Disk Drive, 6.5MHU X-ray Tube, 60 kW Generator, Chiller, Gantry count: 50,000 /Tube count: 50,000.

CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquilion 64

2006 Model. Spellman Generator, X-ray Tube Replaced Aug 2012, Comes with all software back-up Disks, Phantoms, and Manuals.

CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquilion One

2011 Model. 320 Slice, Brand New Tube July 2014, Tube Assembly X-ray AQ One, Rear Footswitches, DICOM Storage Service Class, DICOM Performed Procedure Step, DICOM Modality Worklist Managment, DICOM Querry/Retrieved Service Class, DICOM Querry/AQ, MP, DICOM 3 Stoarge Commitment Software, PGP Study Split, 4D Perfusion, Accessory Kit for High Capacity Couch, Vessel View for V3 Software, CT Phantom, ECG Gating Scanning System, ECG Monitor, R-wave Trigger, Floor Leveling Kit, Workstation Not Included, Under Toshiba Service Contract, Excellent Working and Cosmetic Condition.

CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquilion Super 4

2004 Toshiba Aquilion Quad, Octane Computer, 7.5MHU MegaCool X-Ray Tube, Low-Use 410,000 Slices On the Tube & Gantry, Solid State Multi-Row Detector System, Patient Table, Control Console, Flat Screen Monitor, DICOM Q/R SCU,Maintenance Log, Available Now!! Boldly setting the standard for everyday, 1/2-second high-speed scanning, Aquilion Super 4 improves temporal and spatial image resolution with longer, faster helical scanning for thinner slice, 3D volume imaging. An improved X-ray tube and an incredibly versatile detector array complement this supercharged CT scanner, giving it superior uptime performance and true isotropic imaging capabilities. Advances featured on the Aquilion include: * Selectable Slice Multi-row Detector for optimal slice thickness combinations and unique “Quad” slice design for true 0.5 mm resolution at eight slices per second. * MegaCool X-ray tube, with 7.5 MHU heat capacity available for uptime reliability. * SURETechnologies like the SUREStart, SUREFluoro, and SUREExposure for improved dose management and more precise CT interventional procedures. * Intuitive user features, such as a multitasking console and workstation to make scanning and image processing faster and easier.

CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquillion 64 CFX

2006 Model. Cardiac Aquillion Series, Excellent Condition, 64 Row-Quantum Detector, 360 degree scans in 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 seconds, 0.4 sec option for Hires Lung, Chest, Trauma, and Cardiac, 6×0.5mm Thin Slice Imaging, Large 72 cm Gantry Aperture, New 2013 Megacool 7.5MHU Tube only 20K Slices, CXB-750D Mega Tube, Spellman 60kW Generator, Operators Console – V3.35 Software, Vitrea Workstation, Gantry Count 474K, Options: Alto_3D Viewer, Alato_MulstiSlicent, Alato_Standard, CDR, PRNT BW, PRNt CLR, Multiview, DCM CTR, QD Scan, STRG-SCU, TIFF, TSD-DVP, WINPRT, QR-SCP, REAL EC, REAP-PREP, REAL-VIEW, SCANTIMEO4SEC, CARDIA, CARDIAC PATCH, CARDIAC RECON, DLM-EXP

CT Scanner


2008 AGFA Drystar AXYS with MAMMO LICENSE. Available now.

Laser Camera

GE Essential

2006 Model. Large Detector, Full-Field Digital Mammography. Software Ver 43.10.1, HL7 Interface, 9 Paddles, 2 Mag Stands, Available October 2014.


Hologic Selenia Dimension 2D

2011 Selenia Dimensions 2D with R2 CAD. Available now. Call for more details.


Hologic Selenia Stereo-Loc

2010 Model. Full-Field Digital Mammography with Stereotactic Localization. Digital Stereoloc II, Accesory Cabinet and Complete Selenia Package. Please call for more details.


Esaote C-Scan

2007 Model. Accessories Include: Manual, Power Cord, MRI Sensor Unit, Computer, Keyboard, Mouse, Phantom, Postioning Block, Pads, Patient Table, Foot Stool, (5) Shielding Collars, Coils: Knee (Standard, Large, DPA), Hand/Wrist/Elbow, Ankle DPA, Hand/Wrist DPA, Software: CD Ver: 9.6C. Available now.


Esaote E-Scan Opera

2008 Extremity MRI System. 0.2 Tesla, Software Level: 9.0, Patient Table, COIL PACKAGE:Solenoidal Coil for ShoulderKnee DPA CoilWrist DPA CoilFoot & Ankle CoilShoulder DPA CoilFlex Coil Kit SOFTWARE PACKAGES:Spin Echo T1, Spin Echo Half Echo, Spin Echo Half Fourier, Spin Echo T2, Multi-Echo, Turbo Spin Echo T2, Turbo Multi Echo, Gradient Echo, Inversion Recovery, STIR-Spin Echo, GE-STIR, 3D Gradient Echo, 3D DE (Contrast Enhanced). RF Shielding Pavilion Included. Available Now.


GE C-Scan

Extremity MRI that doesn’t require shielding. The C-Scan Magnetic Resonance Imaging unit is designed specifically for imaging of the extremities. Coils Included: Medium Lower Joint Coil,, Small Lower Joint Coil (Ankle), Wrist Coil, Upper Joint Coil, Hand/Wrist Coil, Ankle Coil, Knee Coll. Still installed with RF Bags replaced in 2013. In-Stock. Available Now!


Hitachi Airis Elite

2006 System. 0.3T OPEN MRI, Upgraded in October 2010. System Software is V5.1G and Includes Rapid Coil Sequences. Coils Include: Rapid Lower Extremity Coil, Rapid Head Coil, Rapid Body Coil, Multiple Array Cervical Spine Coil, Multiple Array Shoulder Coil, Lower Extremity Coil, Rapid Body Coil, Medium Body Wrap, Large Body Wrap, Extra Large Body Wrap, Small Round, DICOM 3.0 Network Interface with PRINT management, FATSEP Software. Available July.


Hitachi Altaire .7T

2004 Model. Available now, call for more details.


ONI MSK Extreme 1.5T

2009 Model. Extreme 1.5T with v-SPEC Technology Dedicated MRI System, Designed Specifically for Extremeity Imaging: Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Foot, Ankle, Knee. Gradient System: 70 mT/m Coil Strength, 200 T/m/s slew rtate, 350 Microsecond Rise Time, RF Quadrature Transmit/Receive: Frequency: 63.8 MHz E 500 kHz, RF Power: 2,000W peak rms, 75W Average, Image BW: Variable 5kHz – 118kHz, RF Coils Included: 180mm, 160mm, 123mm, Computer: PC based Core 2 Due Processor, 2.4 GHz minimum, 80 GB removable Hard Drive, 19 inch LCD Panel, Keyboard and Serial Mouse, Imaging Capabilities: Spin Echo and FAst Spin Echo, Gradient Echo, Driven Equilibirum Sequence, 2D and 3D, Inversion Recovery, Fat Suppression, RF Spoiling, Spatial Saturation, Slow Compensation, Autoimatic Sequential Scans, Magnetization Transfer, Single and Double Oblique Imaging with use of Graphical Slice Selection, Slice Interleave, Auto Minimum TE, No Phase Wrap, Rectangular FOV, 4cm-16cm FOV in 1mm Increments, Slice Thickness: 2mm-10mm in 0.1 mm increments for 2D, and 0.5 mm-10 mmin 0.1 mm increments for 3D, Variable Matrix from 64 to 512 in phase and frequency, Image Review: Auto Display, Multiple Image Display, Window/level, Pan/zoom, ROI, Annotate, Measurements, Multi Planar Reformat, Simultaneity of Scan, Reconstrction, Image Display, Filming, Archiving, DICOM transfer, DICOM Worklist, Coils: 80mm, 100mm, 145mm ONI HIgh-Res RF Coils.


Siemens Avanto 18 Channel

2009 Model. Avanto 76 x 18 Q, Many Coils and Options.


Siemens Essenza 1.5T

2011 Model. 1.5 Short Bore, Coils: Head, C-Spine, Quad T/L-Spine, Extremeity, CTL 8 CH Foot/Anke/Wrist, 4 Ch Flex Large, Flex Small, Numaris 4 Software Level, DICOM Ready.


Siemens Magnatom Espree

Wide Bore 1.5T High-Field, 16-Channel System, 70cm Bore, 125cm Length, Z Engine Gradients (33mT/m, 100 Slew Rate), Software Version MR B15, TIMS with Angio Suite, Cardiac Suite, Neuro Suite, Body Suite, Onco Suite, Ortho Suite, Pediatric Suite, Breast Suite.. Coils include: Body Matri70cm Bore, 125cm Lengthx, Head Matrix, Spine Matrix, Neck Matrix, Shoulder Array, CP Extremity Knee/Foot, CP Flex Coil Large, CP Flex Coil Small. Available Immediatly!



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