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Lunar DPX-IQ Compact

1997 DPX-IQ Compact, Complete System, Great Condition. Black-Skin, 6ft. Table, All Accessories, Manuals, Patient Positioning, and Phantoms Included. In Stock Now!

Bone Densitometer

Lunar DPX-MD Compact

Great System in Excellent Condition with Latest 4.7E Software, In Stock! S/N 20576.

Bone Densitometer

Lunar Pixi

PARTS ONLY: Peripheral DEXA, Notebook Computer with Touchpad, Windows ’95, Pixi 1.34 Software, Nitro 3D, HP 890C Deskjet Printer, 2 Phantoms, Manual, Training Video, QA Records, System Cart. In Stock.

Bone Densitometer

OEC 9000

PARTS ONLY: Dual Monitors, 60 Frame Image Storage, NEW Nine (9″) Image Intensifier 1997, Panasonic VCR, SONY UP 890 Printer.


Liebel Flarsheim CT 9000

The CT 9000® ADV injector is a dedicated computed tomography contrast media delivery system designed to enhance ease-of-operation and procedural time efficiencies. Intuitive, menu-driven software prompts the user throughout the injection process. The injection system accommodates both 200 mL disposable and 125 ml Ultraject® prefilled syringes, with easy front loading and removal. Complete, Includes: Control box, Disp. console, Power head w/ rolling stand, All cables. SN#: 0495-014. In-Stock.






GE Senographe DMR PLUS, ACR Accredited, 18×24 & 24×30 Buckys, Flash ID, CrossHair ID, (2003 X-ray Tube), 5 Compression Paddles, Mag Stand, etc. Excellent Condition!


GE Senographe 2000D

Fully Digital with Review Workstation. Available Now!


Lorad M3

FOR PARTS ONLY. Rhodium Tube, Large & Small Buckies (18×24 & 24×30), All Compression & Spot-Compression Paddles, Magnification Table, Portable Magnification Tray, Four (4) Apertures, Auto ID Flasher, Manuals. !


Siemens Mammomat 3

PARTS ONLY: Dual Focal Spots, Large & Small Buckys, Automatic Compression, Stereotix, ACR thru 4/04. In-Stock.


Siemens Mammomat 3000

1-.3 Focal Spots, Large & Small Buckys, Magnification, All parts and accessories, Manuals. Call for details.


GE Profile III

OPEN MRI, .23 Tesla Permanent NdFcb Magnet. 7.67 Software, 15mT/m Gradients, Slew Rate 20, Operators Console, Computer System, 5 € Optical Disk, Patient Table, MR Angiography, Fast Spin Echo, 2D/3D FGE, FSPGR, Image Filter, Gating Package. Coils: Quad Head, X-Large Body Flex, Large Body Flex, Medium Body Flex, Neck/Shoulder, General Purpose 9€ Surfac, Quad Extremity. Available: Immediately. Currently in use.


ADAC Vertex Classic EPIC

Variable Angle (90 Degree or 180 Degree ) DUAL-HEAD SPECT System With EPIC Version Digital Detectors, 55 High-Resolution Photo Multiplier Tubes Per Head Interfaced to 55 ADC’s, Dual 20€™x15″ Field of View 3/8″ Detectors, 360 Degree SPECT Motion, Preprogrammed Positions to Minimize Set Up Time, Version 3.4 Software, Pegasys Clinical Software for SPECT, Whole Body, Dynamic, Gated & Planar Imaging, INSTANTVIEW Image Display, FlexLOGIC XYZ Calc, Intelogic Self-Tuning, SENTRY Self-Diagnostics, Carditrac, Quantitative Cardiology Database Software, IVY Biomedical Cardiac ECG Gating, Pegasys AutoSPECT, Macrovision & Cedars Gated SPECT Software, TeleLOGIC Remote Service Package, Pegasys Acquisition & Workstation, UNIX-Based 32-Bit SUN Rise Central Processor, SUN OS 4.1.8, 1gB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Cartridge Tape Drive, Hi-Resolution Processing Console with 1150 x 900 Resolution. Matched-Set Collimators: LEHR (Low-Energy High-Resolution), MEGP (Medium-Energy General Purpose) and UHR (Ultra High-Resolution). Automatic Collimator Loader, Manuals, Software Back-Up Disks. Available Now. Call for Details.

SPECT System

Acuson 128 XP/10

PARTS ONLY: Color Doppler, ORIGINAL SKIN. 26.32 Software, Ob & Vascular Packages, ART/TCR, CDE, EF, L5, C544 & L558 Transducers.


Acuson Cypress

Color Doppler, 3V2c Cardiac Transducer, 11.1 Software.


ATL HDI 5000 Sono-CT

Shared Service, Color Doppler, Software Level 190.17, Clinical Option: Adult and Pediatric Cardiac, Fetal Echo, TEE, Neurosurgical, Small Parts, Prostate, Pediatric, Intra-op Vascular, Cerebro Vascular, Musculoskeletal, Vascular TCD, Peripheral Vascular, OB/GYN-FERT, OB, Abdomen, Red CSI, Abdominal Surgery. THI (Tissue Harmonics) Optimization, Auto Cardiac Output/VF, High PRF, Simultaneous 2D/CW, Spatial Compounding, Modality Worklist, Color Power Angio, 3D Color Power Angio, Disk/Network/Web Link, Steered CW, Color M-Mode, Frame Grabber, Triple Mode, TSI Patient Optimization, NTSC Video, DICOM Scaling. Transducers & Peripherals: L7-4 Linear Array, L12-5 Linear Array, C9-5 Endo-Vaginal, C5-2 Convex, Sony UP-525OMD Color Printer, SONY UP-890MD Black & White Thermal Paper Printer, Panasonic MD830 VHS. In-stock!


ATL HDI-3000

Color Doppler, OB/GYN, General Purpose, Vascular Software. C4-2 Abdominal+OB/GYN Transducer, L10-5 Small Parts/Vascular Transducer, C9-5 Trans-Vaginal Transducer, Black & White Printer, VCR.


ATL Ultramark 4

PARTS ONLY: 32x Software, 5.0 DFT Linear, 3.0MHz/13mm IVT Transvaginal, Access A & Access C Transducers, Endfire, Sector & Linear Transducer Ports, Human Factors Cart, Panasonic NV 8420 VCR. In Stock.


ATL Ultramark 9

PARTS ONLY: Color Doppler, Phase 2. 5.0Mhz Convex Trans-Vaginal, 5.0MHz Curved Linear, 3.5MHz Annular. Serial#: 102977.


ATL Ultramark 9 HDI

PARTS ONLY: Color Doppler, Version 22.0 Software, ESP, Color Power Angio, Color Flow, Ob Analysis, 3.0MHz Cardiac, L7-4 Vascular & 3.5MHz Convex/Abdominal Transducers, Panasonic AG7350 VCR. Serial#: 003-FTT.



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