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Toshiba Xario XA

2005 Model, Transducers: 2 Linear, 1 Curved, 1 Endo. Available Imeediately.


Dynarad Dyna Rad

2011 Model Portable X-Ray. Generator Model R-72/32E, Ma Range: 12 to 50, Kvp Range: 50 to 125, Not Battery Operated, Manually Propelled.


GE AMX 4 Plus Portable

2008 Model. Fully Functional, Available for Immediate Shipping


GE AMX 4 Portable

X-Ray Tube/ 0.75 mm Focal Spot Rotating Anode 275k hU Heat Capacity New Lead Acid Batteries Standard Outlet Rechargeable, 100/120 VAC, 50/60 hZ Dual Motor Controls, Electronic Braking Self Propelled Variable Speed Up to 3 Mph, 7° Max. Incline 25 Increments kVp Selection 50 to 125 30 Step mAs Selection .4 to 320 Operators Controls LED Readouts 180° Swivel Base Tethered Remote Exposure Controls Manual Collimator With Light Field.



AMX-IV Plus DR with UPGRADE in 2014 to full digital. ViVIX Plate technology. Available now.


Siemens Aristos FX Plus

2008 AXIOM Aristos FX-Plus 50kW. Ceiling-mounted FD radiographic system, Unilaterally Floor-mounted patient positioning table, ceiling-mounted motoroized detector support and motoirzed tube assembly support with Servo Tracking, 50kW HF Generator POLYDOROS LX 50 Lite and Optilix 150/30/50 HC-100 X-Ray Tube Assembly, Wireless Remote Control, Transparent Grid, DICOM RIS-Modality Work Interface, Syngo Keyboard.


Summit Nova

Summit Nova 325 Control Panel, Summit Collimator LX125, Americomp Table, Chest Stand, Digital PACS System, Carestream Directview EliteCR System.



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