International Women’s Day: The Fight for Better Healthcare for Women Everywhere


Today is International Women’s Day[1], a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women both globally and locally. On The Pulse, we have been telling the stories of women working for better healthcare, and for a bright, equal, safe and rewarding future for women in healthcare professions. In some parts of the world, the fields where women are excelling may even surprise you[2].

As said by Dr Gia Sison, Philippines-based consultant to the World Health Organization[3], “Women empowerment in today’s ever-changing times is the way to go, we can do as much and be as much [as we can be]. Our contribution in today’s society plays a major role in socio-cultural change and progress.”

Read on for a recap of our stories so far.

A New Roadmap for Endocrine Cancers


The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. To celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in healthcare while also highlighting the work yet to be done, The Pulse is posting a series of stories from the front line of women’s health around the world. At a time when women’s rights are being talked about more than ever, it is especially important to remind ourselves that we can always do better as a society to talk about healthcare matters that particularly impact women.

The Pulse spent some time with Dr Sylvia Asa, a Clinician-Scientist whose clinical expertise and research is focused on endocrine tumors. She is Pathologist-in-Chief and Medical Director of the Laboratory Medicine Program at the University Health Network and Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto. Read more[4]

The Early Diagnosis that Touched a Family’s Heart

DSC_0044 (3)

We proudly bring you the heartwarming story of Priscila and her two children, and the technology that saved their lives.

The tiny heart of a 28-week-old fetus is only about three centimeters wide.

To be able to image such a small organ, doctors are equipped with incredibly advanced technology that lets them see it in high-res detail. “To scan a heart that is beating, we need state-of-art technology to see everything clearly and to be able to explore it in detail, because we can then make a diagnosis that can save a life before it has even come into the world”, said Dr. Lilian Lopes, MD at São Paulo University and Director of Clínica Ecokid in Brazil.

To show just how much these new technologies mean to some people, here is the tale of Priscila, Gabriel and Sara: a typical Brazilian family, with a thrilling life story. Read more[5]

International Women’s Day: Dr Fatina Al Tahan on the Saudi Women who are #MakingItHappen


We turn our attention to the Middle East and bring you the fascinating story of Dr Fatina Al Tahan, experienced breast radiologist and Director of the National Early Detection Breast Screening Program for the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health.

Dr. Al Tahan is a senior breast imaging consultant and has vast experience in conducting awareness and screening campaigns, having done so since 1997. Her devotion to programs for prevention and early detection is an essential principle in her personal and professional life and has earned her her reputation as a champion for Women’s Health Awareness in Saudi Arabia.

In a country where women’s rights and equality in healthcare are fought for tooth and nail, Dr Al Tahan has seen monumental change, especially in recent years. Read more[6]

Over the course of the following week, The Pulse will continue to bring you stories from the front lines of healthcare where women are making a difference and #MakingItHappen.

“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights” – Gloria Steinem.


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International Women’s Day: The Fight for Better Healthcare for Women Everywhere


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