My Doctor is My Superhero

On Doctors’ Day, patients in many places took the opportunity to recognize the heroic efforts of those who work every day to keep us healthy. Thanks to doctors who brought GE medical technology to life, 4 year-old Sam and 78 year-old John were able to return to the hospital to reunite and surprise these doctors with a #MyDrMySuperhero award for saving their lives.

When baby Sam was born, doctors gave him a five per cent chance of survival. He developed a liver laceration after a difficult delivery, and his abdomen became extremely tender and swollen from internal bleeding.

The liver is the largest vital organ in the body. Within a mere forty-eight hours of being born, he had already undergone two major surgeries to save him.

Were it not for the perseverance and relentless work of Dr. Michael Uhing, Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Children’s Hospital Wisconsin, Sam’s parents, Kim and Scott, feel he would not be with them today.

“When he went in for his first surgery, it was the only option to save him,” said Kim. “And they weren’t even sure it was going to work.” At one point, a pastor came in to administer Sam his last rites.

Over the next 92 days of his life, Sam stayed in the NICU and underwent nine more operations. Four of them took such a heavy toll, they needed to be performed within the NICU itself.

Now, at home with his parents and big brother, Sam is a happy, healthy, bouncing boy. You would never guess that his start in life was such a monumental challenge.

Watch Sam and his parents surprise Dr. Uhing with a #MyDrMySuperhero award, in honor of Doctors’ Day.

On the other side of town, at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, John Corrigan also gave a special thank you to the doctor who saved his life. At 78, John had a surgical aortic valve replacement, where one of the heart’s four valves is replaced with either a synthetic or animal valve, to make sure the heart can keep pumping blood through the body.

As an avid roller skater for over forty years, John decided that when he was healthy enough to go home, he would skate his way out of the hospital. For Doctors’ Day, John skated back in the hospital to surprise his surgeon, Dr. Daniel O’Hair, and thank him for saving his life.

“When the rolled me into intensive care, I looked at the floor and said, ‘what a place to skate on!’” said John. “They thought I was kidding!”

More Information

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin[1]

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