Philips introduces HeartModelA.I. at European Society of Cardiology Congress 2015

Andover, MA and London, UK – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) today announced the European debut& of HeartModelA.I.[1], a new Anatomically Intelligent Ultrasound (AIUS) tool that brings advanced quantification, automated 3D views and robust reproducibility to echocardiology. Philips’ fastest 3D AIUS ultrasound measurement method was unveiled today on its EPIQ 7 ultrasound system, Philips’ first ultrasound with Anatomic Intelligence capabilities, during the European Society of Cardiology Congress in London.
Using HeartModelA.I., clinicians can quickly, easily and confidently assess disease states, determine treatment, and guide related therapies. In a recent comparison at one hospital, clinicians were able to acquire and analyze the data necessary to calculate the dimensions and volumes of the left atrium and ventricle (LA and LV) between 3 and 6 times faster using 3D measurements and HeartModelA.I. than with conventional 2D measurements and conventional volume and dimensional analysis.¹ With a rich digital database of anatomical structural models and adaptive system technology, HeartModelA.I. has access to advanced clinical information that automatically adapts to variability in patient anatomy. This knowledge-based identification and patient-specific adaptation provides proven quantification of the left ventricle and atrium, and display of routine apical views.


“Conventional echocardiograms can be very time consuming,” said Vitor Rocha, CEO, Ultrasound, Philips. “Health systems are constantly looking for solutions to provide the most efficient and effective way to help clinicians make confident diagnosis. By combining AIUS with the power of HeartModelA.I., we’re able to deliver technology that helps simplify a complicated exam and makes it more reproducible.”


HeartModelA.I. is part of a suite of new tools and technologies available on Philips’ EPIQ 7 ultrasound system. The EPIQ 7 system is designed to enhance automation and reproducibility to help address some of the most critical strains on overburdened hospitals and healthcare systems challenged to provide higher quality care at a lower cost. EPIQ 7 is known for its high-image quality, advanced automation and superb ergonomic design.


“Collecting heart measurements in 3D is difficult and time consuming,” said Jose Zamorano, MD, FESC, University Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid. “Philips’ HeartModelA.I. helps to make collecting critical cardiac ultrasound measurements easier and more reproducible, which will not only enable time savings, but will hopefully extend the adoption of 3D echocardiography exams to more clinicians.”
Philips has a rich history of innovations that redefine how care is delivered. Philips first introduced Anatomical Intelligence with the launch of EPIQ in 2013, Philips is continuing to leverage its expertise in this area to pioneer organ models. HeartModelA.I. on the EPIQ 7 ultrasound system will be available in most markets by the end of the year.


To learn more about AIUS and the full suite of Philips innovative ultrasound solutions, please visit:[2]. Philips is showcasing its HeartModelA.I. on the EPIQ 7 system at the European Society of Cardiology Congress beginning Aug. 29 through Sept. 2. For more information on Philips presence at the ESC Congress 2015, please visit[3] and follow the #ESCCongress conversation @PhilipsLiveFrom[4] to continue the conversation.


¹ The fastest times were achieved in cases where the clinicians determined that no manual editing of the measurements was necessary.  These results may not reflect those achievable at other institutions.


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Philips introduces HeartModelA.I. at European Society of Cardiology Congress 2015

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