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n American Diagnostic Corporation 5610L-6L7 Adstation Oto LED/ Oph Coax LED with Throat LED/ 750W. A complete diagnostic solution that puts a full assortment of core diagnostic tools within easy reach. Start with as little as a single instrument wall transformer and expand with up to 3 more connected extension modules. Choose from 3.5v Diagnostix Coax or Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope. 3.5v Diagnostix Otoscope/3.5v Diagnostix Throat Illumination instrument head available. Choose from Halogen/Xenon or AdLED LED lighting technology. Optional Diagnostix Clock aneroid with cuff storage basket, coiled tubing, adult and large adult inflation systems. Optional Adview Diagnostix Station with NIBP can be expanded to include Temp and SpO2 or any combination in up to 8 configurations with optional Bluetooth connectivity. Optional Wallboard or simplified wall mounting.n n

nLead time 4-6 Days.

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