Número de parte ADAC y descripción Tablero de Control, Alimentador de corriente, Tablero de Colisiones, Controladores, Monitores, Número Parte Descripción OEM Modelo Sub-Ensamble PEX668-31 SUN POWER SUPPLY FOR SS20 ADAC GENESYS SH BOX 2 2143-5032 DISPLAY BUFFER ADAC ARGUS EPIC CPU CABINET 2143-5031 SWITCH ADAC GENESYS SH PC CABINET 2143-5002 ACQUISITION PROCESSOR BOARD -REP ADAC…

Philips part number and description Xray tubes for, Coroskop, angioStar, NeuroStar, Sireskop SX Número de Parte Descripción Modelo Modalidad 9164-0710 SPEAKER M1350B PATIENT MONITORING 96930102781 MONITOR DIAGNOST 76 GENERAL SUPPLIES 9804-609-60302 BUCKY SCP 80 DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING 9890-000-02407 X-RAY CONTROL SCP 80 DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING 9890-000-85841 TUBE SCP 80 DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING 9890-010-00621 FOOT PEDAL DIAGNOST 76 DIAGNOSTIC…

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