Siemens/Philips carbon brushes for CT, motors, new CT OEM

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Siemens Balance, Emotion, Emotion Duo, Esprit, Esprit Plus, Biograph Classic, Single and Duo
  • 3806333 Carbon Brush Set Power
  • 3806341 Carbon Brush Set Data
  • 3804684 Carbon Brush Set Data
Siemens Emotion 6, 16
  • 3818254 Carbon Brush Set Power
  • 3804692 Carbon Brush Set Data
Siemens Volume Zoom, Access, Sensation 4
  • 4807702 8-Way Brush Block Signal
  • 4807736 Power Brush Tip Kit
  • 4807751 Low Power Brush Tip Kit
Siemens Sensation 10, 16, 40, 64, Biograph TruePoint 64, 40
  • 7395135 Power Brushblock
  • 7395150 12-Way Brush block
  • 7395143 Power Brush Tip Kit
  • 7395176 Low Power Brush Tip Kit
  • 7395168 8-Way Brush Block Signal
  • 7395101 Brush for Stator-Ring
Siemens Definition, Definition AS
  • 7741130 13-Way Brush Block
  • 7741148 Set of Carbon Brushes
  • 7741163 4-Way Signal Brush Block
  • 10161804 EMV Brush Set
  • 10162062 Signal Brush Tip Assy/Power
  • 10162063 Signal Brush Tip Universal
Philips MX 8000 2, 4
  • 453566130261 Holder with Brushes (Signal)
  • 453566130291 Set of Brushes (Power)
  • 453566130301 Set of Carbon Brushes Voltage
Philips MX 8000 IDT, Brilliance 6, 10, 16
  • 453566499351 Set of Carbon Brushes – Data
  • 453566496851 Set of Carbon Brushes – Power
  • 453566496841 Data & Low Power Brush Block
  • 453566496831 Set of Cabron Brushes UDC
  • 453566499341 UDC Brush Block Assembly
  • 455018001421 Brush for Stator Ring

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