Buy 1000NP Needleless Connector – Covidien/Medical Supplies, 120/cs (Continental US Only) Sold as cs. Lead time 14-21 Business Days. Contact us for update details


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n Covidien/Medical Supplies 1000NP Needleless Connector, 120/cs (Continental US Only). For infusion therapy designed to complement best clinical practices to help reduce the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI) and reflux-induced catheter occlusions. Flat, smooth swabable surface promotes easy and complete cleaning. Self-opening split septum (SOSS) results in no abrasion to sealed septum plane. Linear fluid path allows for easy blood clearing. Low priming volume allows for lower flush volumes. Clear housing facilitates visualization of entire fluid path during priming and flushing.n n

nLead time 14-21 Business Days. Contact us for update details

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