Services and maintenance for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment (MRI)

Regarding of the sophisticated of your scanners of the level of service required, Meditegic can bring support to your institution, all this with a quality accord to your expectations. Also the most important is that we always keep a competitive price.

We have an extensive data base that conformed for highly qualified engineers specialists in medical qualified equipment.

The field experience of our engineers is of more than 25 years in the industry. You will not find a company with more knowledge of the field, experience and services focus than Meditegic.

These are our commitments with our customers

  • One of the biggest stocks of parts and pieces in the industry for a faster response in the service. One of the key aspects to perform a fast services and a quick response consists in having access to the spare parts needed for the repair regarding of the trained staff or competitive price.
  • Meditegic have one of the biggest inventories of MRI in the industry, including parts of the last models in scanners. In our company we always check the quality of each part before installing it, always using certified and recognized process. We also refurbished them in order to satisfy the needing of our customers.

Maintenance and repair, MRI machine

Years of experience in different brands make us your best option.

We count with the knowledge and experience to repair everything in the industrial branch, from cold heads to compressors for spools and tubes. Find out how you can be benefited of our wide range of MRI spare parts and cooling agreements.

During the installation and programed maintenance of MRI scanners, is carried out a leak testing, including the cooling system of auxiliary gas. The helium container recipient has a vent valve of controlled pressure that can be an important source of leaks.

Through a regular service provided for our engineers, Meditegic ensures that your Magnetic Resonance Imaging System (MRI) works in optimal conditions, without a loss of time in the care of your patients. Our experienced professional’s uses sophisticated mapping technology to measure and optimize the performance and the time of activity in a wide variety of systems. The Meditegic staff also includes into the programed maintenance and prevention service a critic watch as part of the service of regular recharge.


Service for cryogenic coolers.

Meditegic also offers proactive integral maintenance for Graphic- MVE and the Taylor Wharton cryogenic cooler. Whether you are storing blood of an umbilical cord, mother cells, or biologic samples for research, tissue, or bone narrow for transplant, your cryogenic coolers are critic actives. Ensure yourself that these are properly working with our trained staff. Used now planned maintenance and avoid high cost emergencies in a future.

Get benefited of the MRI maintenance plan.

We can offer you service maintenance contracts taking in count your budget and your specific needing through on time complete maintenance contracts, using quality parts and materials, offering technic support 24/7, 365 fives of the year, including:

Monthly quote*

  • A monthly quote that covers all the pieces and hand work.
  • Enginery service provided by experts
  • 24/7 service
  • Support out office hours so you don’t interrupt your operations

MRI equipment, maintenance and repair