New, used and refurbished medical imaging parts

Partes para lightspeed 16 CT

At Meditegic we have in stock new medical parts for imaging equipment, parts used at the best competitive prices and fully functional rebuilt parts.

It is important to consider frequent maintenance as well as a preventive service to avoid a mayor fix up.

Some maintenance services require spare medical parts and when the failure is too critical, it is necessary to do a parts replacement; we handle a high number of parts in stock with fast shipping to more than 28 countries.

We have an infrastructure that allows us to work as a bi-national company with supply of global reach. Our experience allows us to have relationships with more than 500 suppliers.

Worldwide medical parts

We access to parts discontinued by manufacturers and also models of old systems. We can offer any of the models announced on our website.

We have an extensive supply of parts for medical imaging and we are specialized in systems such as GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba, among others. iIf you need a HARD TO GET PART, CALL US.

Siemens circuit boards for medical imaging equipment