Radiovisography sensors for dental digital radiography

At Meditegic® we have the power of customizable technology on our side, we work with intraoral digital sensors that operate through a streamlined operation flow designed to work for you (not the other way around). We offer digital radiography system parts for dentistry, intraoral sensors and intraoral cameras, as well as most hardware for medical imaging management and dental consulting.

  • Intraoral digital sensors and parts for the most requested systems
  • Each digital radiography system part is carefully tested
  • We sell any of the models announced on this website
  • Competitive price worldwide
  • Access to +500 suppliers
  • Global supply reach (Fast shipping service +28 countries)

We have an extensive supply of intraoral radiography parts and sensors for radiovisography systems, if you need a HARD-TO-GET SENSOR, CALL US.

X-Ray sensors of the most requested systems:

  • Schick Fona Radiovisiograph
  • Owandy Radiovisiograph
  • Joy Radiovisiograph
  • Sopix Radiovisiograph
  • RX Radiovisiograph
  • RVG Radiovisiograph
  • GXS Radiovisiograph

Please check our models and call us to confirm the part you need:

  • Intraoral (digital) sensors for the most requested radiovisiograph systems

    • Owandy ONE Radiovisograph
    • Owandy OPTEO Radiovisograph
    • Joy Radiovisograph
    • Sopix Radiovisograph
    • Schick Fona Radiovisograph
    • Schick RX Radiovisograph
    • GXS Radiovisograph
    • RVG Imaging 6100 Radiovisograph
    • RVG Imaging 6200 Radiovisograph

Intraoral dental sensors with fast shipping throughout South USA

Sensor technology

A – Hermetically sealed sensor housing

B – Impact protection layer

C – High precision scintillation glass

D – Protective X-ray Fiber Optic

E – High resolution CMOS sensor

F – Integrated circuits


Intraoral dental cameras

Our proximity to dental x-ray sensors (radiovisiograph systems) allows us to work with intraoral dental cameras, ideal for image capture and visual test collection to evaluate patients and perform accurate diagnoses.

We offer cable and wireless cameras with true autofocus and intuitive camera lighting system, designed for mobility and ease of use.

Intraoral digital cameras of the most requested systems:

  • Intraoral camera Kodak CS 1500
  • Intraoral camera Polaroid
  • Intraoral camera Iris
  • Intraoral cameras with cable
  • Intraoral cameras wireless
  • Intraoral cameras with LCD Screen

We have an extensive supply of intraoral cameras. If you need a HARD TO GET INTRAORAL CAMERA, CALL US.