x-ray tubes for siemens, ge, philips, toshiba healthcare medical imaging systems

GE X-ray parts, pn and description Or visit our X-ray section for more parts 2102334 AdvantX SFD Motor / Clutch / Drive 2113889 Bridge lock, Outboard 2124484-3 Lateral Drive Motor 2133607 Advantx SFD Console 2133910 Workstation Keyboard Sun (Cath Lab Type) 2141481 Console Fan Assy 2143485 Power Assist Handle 2147643 Power Asist Preamp Board 2150569…

equipo medico nuclear GE

GE nuclear equipment parts, pn and description Or visit our nuclear medicine section for more parts 2170412 Membrane Switch Assembly 2199382 Collimator ID Board Millennium & Infinia 2199396 RCU / Handheld Controller GE Millennium VG 46-264628G3 Display Interface Board (Grey Ring Gantry) 46-272357G3 Hand Controller for Grey Ring Gantry 46-272364P2 Power/Main Switch Block 46-324470G1 Lynwood…

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