GE CT parts, pn and description

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2132975 P9234NE Belt for NX/i

2133910 Workstation Keyboard

2138808 P2334MW Filter CT

2139582 CT/i SCSI Cables (with Cable Hero Kit)

2139583 CT/i SCSI Cables (with Cable Hero Kit)

2142847 CT/i Bulkhead Cable J-23 (with Cable Hero Kit)

2149503 512K Memory for Indigo Systems

2156512 P9233YG Sub Board Assy

2159578 COLLIMATOR Control Board

2167014 Rhapsode Intercom

2169940 Octane 2 18GB 10K RPM Drive

2169940-78UU Octane 2 18GB 10K RPM Drive

2176280 P9233UZ Cable

2180997 4.3 Gb HHD Drive (used)

2189123 P9233SA Motor

2210736 Ethernet Interface Board

2216666 PMC Form Factor DIP Board

2241449 Sony UP980CE Hardcopy

2241899 P9237SB SV Brushless Amp

2245896 H2 Receiver (Schleifring)

2245897 H2 Antenna Assembly (Schleifring)

2246881-2 P9231XS DASIFN 110M pane

2259520 H3 PMC DIP

2262158 Cable 50 Pin SCIM Key board Cable

2269175 Long Encoder Assembly

2275752 SCIM Collector

2291548 25 Pin Extender Cable

2293142 POS IO PWA

2300154 Generic IFKV Control Cable


2334581 Sony MOD Cable Upgrade Kit

2355552 MDAS16 CONV BD


2378286 4 SLICE PCI DIP Card

2399750 GRE Console Intercom Prescribed Tilt Board

46-183039P1 CT806 CleanTex Pads

46-229587P1 Lift Hoist CT Tubes

46-296316P2 +24vdc / 7.5amp Power Supply

46-296317P1 EMC Power Supply Ct/i

46-296317P3 EMC Power Supply Ct/i

46-320252P1 Serial Port Interface Cable

5115057 AD Detector Module Assembly

5117564 PPV KV Control Board

5120463 Lighting Table AMP with Firmware

5120688 Absolute Multi-Turn Encoder

5128334 Lighting Table AMP with Firmware

5136941 FMI 25363 Smart Tube Patch

5140287 CDROM Toshiba

5142334 Software Patch QX/i, Lightspeed, M5

5162726 AD Board for VCT

5184738 HD DIP PWA

5195573 Common Fan Control Board

5855007 Gantry Intercom Board

6750066 GDAS Convertor Card

57760 Polaroid Type 52 Film

TC130199 Film Developer for 52 Film

U0018BF Grease Gun for YMS Gantry (Series Xi)

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