MRI equipment, maintenance and repair

Support from experts in leader brands

We offer technical support provided by Electromedicine Engineers specialized in medical Imaging Systems from the most requested brands, we also have an extensive offer in spare parts (new, refurbished and used). In this way, we can offer you appropiate solutions to your medical needs. We attend clinics and private practices with small or mobile imaging devices to complete analysis rooms from big hospitals.

Medical imaging equipment repair and maintenance

Service, maintance and repair to medical imaging systems

We have with the know-how, highly qualified staff with more than 25 years in the industry with experience in the most requested brands and systems with an extensive supply network of spare parts for your medical equipment. All with the porpuse of providing you an integral service.

Maintenance services:

We also count with maintenance service and IT/DICOM solutions in the next areas:


Maintenance for medical imaging analysis rooms and service to hospitals

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