X-ray tubes and housing parts for Siemens and GE CT

Our presence in over 28 countries around the globe and a wide strategic B2B relationships with more than 500 suppliers give us the ability to get high quality X-ray tubes in stock for sale at competitive price worldwide.
In Meditegic we can offer refurbished X-Ray tubes with German quality standards:
  • 150,000 scan secs of pro-rated warranty.
  • Housing is rebuilt as new using special techniques for the usage of the insert that we ensure.
  • Our tubes qualifies with all the values and specs for optimum results.
  • We can offer any model of X-Ray tube, used, brand new or refurbished.
  • Excellent prices on all the models announced in this website.
  • Outstanding quality.
  • Fast shipping from Germany.
  • World wide reach

All our tubes have historical usage to rework, this give us the confidence to provide tranquility to our customers letting them know that they will be working without any inconvenience in the long run. If you need a HARD TO GET PART please contact us!

We have with an extensive supply of x-ray tubes especially for the next systems:

  • Somatom Sensation 40
  • Somatom Sensation 64 and Cardiac
  • Somatom Sensation 4
  • Somatom Sensation Volume Zoom
  • Somatom Sensation Volume Access
  • Somatom Sensation 10
  • Somatom Sensation 16
  • CT/i Hispeed and many more.
Please verify our models and call us to confirm we have the part that you may need:

“Years of technical experience and quality processes are behind every tube we refurbish”

— Meditegic

Used X- Ray CT tubes

We also offer used X Ray tubes in excellent conditions, fully tested and ready for use, we have competitive prices in every used X Ray tube announced in this website, if you need a hard-to-get x-ray tube please call us.


  • P/N: 989000085891 – 16 MRC600 Tube for Philips Brilliance 6
  • P/N: 989000085921 – 64 MRC800 Tube for Philips Brilliance 40
  • P/N: 980605800103 – 256 iMRC Tube for Philips Brililance iCT
  • P/N: 989605592400 – Gemini Dual Tube CTR2112 Tube for Philips MX8000 Dual EXP
  • P/N: 989000085142 – FD10 MRC200 0508 Tube for Philips Allura
  • P/N: 989000085102 – FD20 MRC200 0407 Tube for Philips Allura


  • P/N: CXB-750D/4 – MCS-7078D Tube for Toshiba Aquilion
  • P/N: DRX-T7345GFS – VF-i Tube for Toshiba Infinix


  • P/N: 5764506 – Coroskop Top Megalix CAT 125/35/80-121GW for Siemens Axiom Artis
  • P/N: 5764522 – Megalix CAT 125/15/40/80-121GW for Siemens Axiom Artis FC
  • P/N: 10144181 – dFC Megalix CAT Plus 125/40/90-121GW for Siemens Axiom Artis Zee
  • P/N: 5765040 – Megalix CAT 125/35/80-122GW for Siemens DTC Digital Cath Lab
  • P/N: 7393148 – Dura 532-MV Akron-Q for Siemens Sensation/Philips
  • P/N 7787807 – 64 Straton Z Tube for Siemens Sensation 40


  • P/N: 989605586601 – DA240SHIM Tube for Shimadzu/Dunlee


  • P/N: D2712C – 2000 MX150 V5 Tube for GE Advantx, Innova
  • P/N: 989605580801 – CT/e MX135CT/E Tube for GE/Dunlee HiSpeed (replace GE: D3161T/D3162T)
  • P/N: 989605580800, – CT/e MX135CT/E Tube for GE/Dunlee HiSpeed (replace GE: D3161T/D3162T)
  • P/N: D3146T – Select Solarix MX165NP Tube for GE BrightSpeed
  • P/N: D3634T – Pro16 HP80 Mini-Hercules MCS-7079 Tube for GE LightSpeed RT4
  • P/N: D3188T – CT660 Performix 40/CJ64 Tube for GE Optima
  • P/N: D3194T – VCT MX240 Tube for GE LightSpeed 

  • CT Xray tubes cross-reference table

    Equipment manufacturerCT Scanner TypeHousing TypeOEM InsertTube Manufacturer
    GECT-MAX 320/640CTMaxMX 100Dunlee
    GESytec 1600i/1800iCTMaxMX 100Dunlee
    GESytec Pace, Plus, 2,3,4000Pace (Wj)MX 115Dunlee
    GESytec Sri, Sytec SynergyVenusMX 135Dunlee
    GEHiLight Advantage, 9800 Hilight HDTJupiterMX 135Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed CT/e, Ai, CT/e DualVenus PlusMX 135Dunlee
    GESytec 6000/8000, ProSpeed, Plus, SXProSpeed (Qj)MX 165Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed DX/iSolarix 350MX 165Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed FX/iSolarix 350MX 165Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed LX/iSolarix 350MX 165Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed Advantage, CTiZeusMX 165Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed ZX/iSolarix 630MX 200Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed NX/i, NX/I ProSolarix 630MX 200Dunlee
    GEHiSpeed CT/iPerformix ADVGemiriMX 200Dunlee
    GELightSpeed QX/I, HiSpeed QX/iPerformix ADVMX 200Dunlee
    GELightSpeed Plus, VFX PlusPerformix PlusMX 200Dunlee
    GELightSpeed 16, LightSpeed RTPerformix PlusMX 200Dunlee
    GELightSpeed Ultra, VFX UltraPerformix PlusMX 200Dunlee
    GELightSpeed VCT, VCT Select, Xtra, Pro 16, TR 16Performix Pro 100MX 240Dunlee
    GEDiscovery ST, LSPerformix PlusMX 200Dunlee
    GEDiscovery VCTPerformix Pro 100MX 240Dunlee
    GEBrightSpeed Elite, Edge, ExcelPerformix PlusMX 200Dunlee
    HITACHIW450, W600, CarinOB-180H, HE-550GS 1580Dunlee
    HITACHIW1000, PraticO, TurbOB-200H, HE-580GS 2070Dunlee
    HITACHIW1000B-200, HE-540GS 2072Dunlee
    HITACHITurbOB-240H, HE-545GS 3070Dunlee
    HITACHIVarigB-500H, HE-900GS 4070Dunlee
    PHILIPS600/1200CTR 1555 RCDU 1605ADunlee
    PHILIPS600/1200CTR 1562 RCDU 2005Dunlee
    PHILIPSIQ/IQ Premier (50 Hz)CTR 1568 RCDU 1605ADunlee
    PHILIPSIQ/IQ Premier (60 Hz)CTR 1569 RCDU 1605ADunlee
    PHILIPSPQ-S, PQ 2000CTR 1563 RCDU 2005Dunlee
    PHILIPSPQ-S, PQ 2000CTR 1590 RCDU 2005Dunlee
    PHILIPSPQ 2000, 5000CTR 1762 RCDU 3007Dunlee
    PHILIPSPQ 2000, 5000, 6000, Ultra ZCTR 1790 RCDU 5006Dunlee
    PHILIPSPQ 2000, 5000, 6000, Ultra ZCTR 1791 RCDU 5006Dunlee
    PHILIPSPQ 5000, 6000, Ultra ZCTR 1792 RCDU 6507Dunlee
    PHILIPSExcel 1800, 2000 SprintB-160H, HE-601GS 1089Dunlee
    PHILIPSSelect CTB-180 H, HE-601GS 1584Dunlee
    PHILIPS2000 SprintB-180 H, HE-601GS 1587Dunlee
    PHILIPSSelect CTB-245GS 3074Dunlee
    PHILIPSHellcat II, Flash, CT Twin IIB-240 H, HE-590GS 3077Dunlee
    PHILIPSHellcat II, Flash, CT Twin IIB-502 H, HE-950GS 5079Dunlee
    PHILIPSTwin, Flash, RTSB-502 H, HE-964GS 6079Dunlee
    PHILIPSMX 8000 Dual v. EXPCTR 2112DU 5008Dunlee
    PHILIPSMX 8000 Dual Dura Akron-BDura 532Dunlee
    PHILIPSMX 8000 QuadDura Akron-BDura 532Dunlee
    PHILIPSMX 8000 IDTDura Akron-BDura 532Dunlee
    PHILIPSMX 8000 IDT 6Dura Akron-BDura 532Dunlee
    PHILIPSMX 8000 IDT 10Dura Akron-QDura 532Dunlee
    PHILIPSMX 8000 IDT 16Dura Akron-QDura 532Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan M/EGB130GS298Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan CX/Q/SROT 7001SRC 120 CTX IDunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan CX, TXB-180 H, HE-550GS 1580Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan SR4000B-200 H, HE-540GS 2072Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan LX/LX-CB-200 H, HE-580GS 2070Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan AV-PfB-180 H, HE-540GS 2072Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan SR6000B-180 H, HE-545GS 3070Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan AVP, PSROT 3001MRC 160 CTDunlee
    PHILIPSCT AuraB-200 HGS 2083Dunlee
    PHILIPSCT AuraMRC I62MRC I62Dunlee
    PHILIPSSR 6000B240H, HE-545GS-3070Dunlee
    PHILIPSTomoscan AV PI, PSROT 300IMRC-I60 CTDunlee
    PHILIPSCT AuraROT 500IMRC I62Dunlee
    PHILIPSSR 7000ROT 500IMRC 200CTDunlee
    PHILIPSGemini (Dual Slice)CTR 2II2DU 5008Dunlee
    PHILIPSBrilliance 6Dura Akron-QDura 532*Dunlee
    PHILIPSBrilliance 10Dura Akron-QDura 532*Dunlee
    PHILIPSBrilliance 16Dura Akron-QDura 532*Dunlee
    PHILIPSAV E3B-500H, HE900GS4070Dunlee
    PHILIPSCT SecuraROT 5003MRC 203 CTDunlee
    PHILIPSBrilliance 16 PowerROT 5006MRC 600Dunlee
    PHILIPSBrilliance 40 PowerROT 5006MRC 800Dunlee
    PHILIPSBrilliance 64 PowerROT 5006MRC 800Dunlee
    PHILIPSGemini 16 PowerROT 5006MRC 600Dunlee
    SHIMDAZUSCT 3000, 4500, 4800TFB-I80H, HE-55IGS I585Dunlee
    SHIMDAZUSCT 5000T, 4800TH, 7000TCB-220H, HE-58IGS 2075Dunlee
    SHIMDAZUSCT-6800TH, 7000THB-220H, HE-58IGS 2075Dunlee
    SHIMDAZUSCT 6800TX, 7000TXB-240H, HE-547GS 3075Dunlee
    SHIMDAZUSCT-6800TXLB-240H, HE-547GS 3075Dunlee
    SHIMDAZUSCT-7000TSB-501H, HE-962GS 5075Dunlee
    SHIMDAZUSCT-7800TB-501H, HE-962GS 5075Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom DRI03MSOpti 151Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom AR, C, T, HP, SPROTANXM-CT 140/141Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom CR, DR, DRG, DRHI03MSOpti 155/156Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom Hi QI03MSOpti 157Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom EspritDura 181-MVM-CT 142Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom PlusDURAS 432Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom Plus 4 ExpertTHA DURADura 502Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom Plus 4 PowerTHA DURADura 502Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom Plus 4 Volume ZoomDura Akron-BDura 532Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom BalanceTHA DURADura 202Dunlee
    SIEMENSEmotion 6THA DURADura 422Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom EmotionTHA DURADura 302Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom 10Akron QDura 532Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom 16Akron QDura 532Dunlee
    SIEMENSSomatom Volume Zome, AccessAkron BDura 532Dunlee
    SIEMENSSensation 4Akron BDura 532Dunlee
    SIEMENSSensation 10, 16, CardiacAkron QDura 532Dunlee
    TOSHIBATCT80A, 300, 400, 500B-180H, HE-550GS 1588Dunlee
    TOSHIBATCT400SB-180H, HE-550AGS 1588BDunlee
    TOSHIBATCT 600, S, HQB-180H, HE550AGS 1588Dunlee
    TOSHIBAXPEED, 600S, XT, HQ (CXB200B)B-220H, HE580AGS 2078Dunlee
    TOSHIBATCT 900 SX, XPRESSB-240H, HE-581AGS 3078Dunlee
    TOSHIBAAuklet, Auklet/FSB-220H, HE-581AGS 2081Dunlee
    TOSHIBAAsteion VFB-220H, HE-581AGS 2081Dunlee
    TOSHIBAAsteion Dual, VR, VI, MultiHeliCool XH-168E7281XDunlee
    TOSHIBAAsteion VR, VI, MultiB-501H, HE-905GS 6078Dunlee
    TOSHIBAAquilion Multi, 8, 16, Super 4GS 7078Dunlee
    ELSCINT2400/2400 ELITE/ 2400 ELECTB-180HGS-1579VARIAN
    ELSCINT2400/2400ELITE/ 2400 ELECTB-210HGS-2079VARIAN
    GE Sytec 1600/1800MX-100CTGS-270VARIAN
    GE SYTEC 2000/3000/ 4000/i*MX115/B-172HGS-1562VARIAN
    GE Pro Speed A/I,CT/eMX135CT-H1GS-2276VARIAN
    GE HiSpeed AdvantageZeusGS-3576HSVARIAN
    GE ProSpeedProSpeedGS-3576PSVARIAN
    GE Solarix Dxi, Fxi, LXiSolarixGS-3576SVARIAN
    GE BrightSpeedSolarix 350GS-3576SVARIAN
    GE LightSpeed Plus/ BrightspeedB-580HMCS-6074VARIAN
    GE LightSpeed VCTB-680HMCS-8064VARIAN
    MARCONI/PICKERPicker 5.0 PQ SeriesB-590HGS-5076VARIAN
    MARCONI/PICKERPicker 6.5 PQ SeriesB-590HGS-6076VARIAN
    NEUSOFTNeuViz DualB-590HGS-5076VARIAN
    PHILIPSTomoscan TX, CXB-180HGS-1580VARIAN
    PHILIPSTomoscan LX, LXCB-200HGS-2070VARIAN
    PHILIPSTomoscan AV-PfB-200HGS-2072VARIAN
    PHILIPSTomoscan SR4000VARIAN
    PHILIPSTomoscan SR5000B-240HGS-3070VARIAN
    PHILIPSTomoscan SR6000B-240HGS-3072VARIAN
    PHILIPSMX-6000 DualB-590HGS-5076VARIAN
    SHIMADZUSCT 3000, SCT 4000 SCT 4800TFB-180HGS-1585VARIAN
    SHIMADZUSCT 50001, SCT 6800, SCT 7000TC, SCT 7000TH SCT 7000TSB-220HGS-2075VARIAN
    SHIMADZUSCT 50001, SCT 6800, SCT 7000TC, SCT 7000TH SCT 7000TSB-240HGS-2075AVARIAN
    SHIMADZUSCT-7000TS, SCT 7800T SCT-7000TX, SCT 7800TF SCT-7800TEB-240HGS-3075AVARIAN
    SHIMADZUSCT-7000TX, SCT-7800TH SCT 7800TF, SCT 7800TE SCT 7000TS, SCT 6800B-420HGS-4575VARIAN
    SIEMENSSomatom HI-QB-300HGS-2030VARIAN
    PHILIPSTomoscan T-60B-160HS-780VARIAN
    GECT-MAX 640CTMaxMX 100IAE
    GESytec 1600i/1800iCTMaxMX 100IAE
    GESytec 2000/3000/ 4000PaceMX 115IAE
    GESytec Pace, PlusPace MX 115IAE
    GESytec Sri, Sytec SynergyVenusMX 135IAE
    GEHiLight Advantage, 9800 Hilight HDTJupiterMX 135IAE
    GEHiSpeed CT/e, AiVenus PlusMX 135IAE
    GESytec 6000/8000, ProSpeed, Plus, SXProSpeed MX 165IAE
    GEHiSpeed DX/iSolarix 350MX 165IAE
    GEHiSpeed FX/iSolarix 350MX 165IAE
    GEHiSpeed LX/iSolarix 350MX 165IAE
    GEHiSpeed Advantage, CTiZeusMX 165IAE
    HITACHIW450, W600, CarinOB180HGS1580IAE
    PHILIPSTomoscan CX, TXB180HGS1580IAE
    PICKERIQ, IQ Premier CTR1568 RCDU 1605AIAE
    PICKERIQ, IQ Premier CTR1569 RCDU 1605AIAE
    PICKER600/1200CTR1562 RCDU2005IAE
    SHIMADZUSCT 3000, SCT 4000, SCT 4500, SCT 4800TE, SCT 5000B-180HGS1585IAE
    SIEMENSSomatom 2I03MSOpti 151IAE
    SIEMENSSomatom SRHI03MSOpti 155IAE
    SIEMENSSomatom DR, DRGI03MSOpti 155IAE
    SIEMENSSomatom Hi Q, HIQ-sI03MSOpti 157IAE
    SIEMENSSomatom Hi Q, HIQ-sI03MSOpti 156IAE
    SIEMENSSomatom CR,CRXI03MSOpti 155IAE
    TOSHIBA80A, 300, 400, 500, 600, S, HQB180HGS1588IAE


  • What is the quality of the refurbished X-ray tubes?

    The CT X-Ray Tubes we have in stock are refurbished by our licensed partnership in Germany and tested to complain EU standards, we trust our tubes.


  • How are they tested?

    Our X-ray tubes are refurbished and system tested with usually 150.000 Scan Seconds.

  • Are these tubes sold in exchange or outright?

    Due that we take the insert and rebuild the housing, is necessary to ask the exchange of the tube in disuse, this allow us to rebuilt and use the housing when we get several inserts from the market, as our process of testing and manufacturing is qualified and efficient this help us to keep our competitive prices. When the customer is in the need of an outright tube we can offer it but since we loss the opportunity to rebuild the housing in disuse, the prices for an outright tube tend to increase considerably.

  • Why are refurbished tubes better than the used ones?

    The refurbished X-ray tubes are rebuilt and the insert vacuum is tested to avoid bubbles, all this along the usage tests we implement and our quality in the manufacture make the refurbished tubes a better option over an used one.

  • Are these tubes ready for fast shipping?

    Yes, our X-ray tubes are available for immediate shipping to the location the customer may require.