New X-Ray parts, used and refurbished

Meditegic® supplies X-Ray parts for the most demanded brands in the market and in all the modalities of X-Ray systems, if you have a portable X-Ray system, a full X-Ray room or a specialized system we are able to provide most of the spare parts needed for them.

  • X-Ray parts for the most requested systems
  • New, used and refurbished parts from older models
  • Parts marked EOL by their manufacturers (End of life).
  • We offer all the parts announced on this website
  • Complete units and location services
  • Extended after sale service
  • Competitive price worldwide
  • Network of +500 suppliers and tech support
  • Global supply reach (Fast shipping service +28 countries)

We offer an extensive supply of X-Ray parts, generators, power supplies, boards and component assemblies for X-Ray room and portable systems in brands like GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba among others. If you need HARD TO GET X-Ray part please contact us!

New, used and refurbished X-Ray parts for multiple modalities of systems:

  • X-Ray Rooms
  • Portable X-Ray systems
  • C-Arm
  • U-Arm
  • Analog X-Ray systems
  • Digital X-Ray systems
  • X-Ray Tubes
  • Power Supplies
  • Switches and panels
  • Stands (Trolley, Cable tree)
  • High tension generators and more

GE X-Ray Parts for the most popular systems:

  • GE Precision RXi R&F system
  • GE Optima XR200 Portable
  • GE Definium 5000/6000/8000
  • GE Innova 3100 IQ
  • GE Proteus XR-a
  • And many more

Siemens X-Ray Parts for the most used systems:

  • SIEMENS Axiom Artis
  • SIEMENS Mobilett (MIRA, XP, PLUS) Portable
  • SIEMENS Ysio Max
  • SIEMENS Multis Fusion Max
  • Siemens Multimobil 1
  • And many more

Philips X-Ray Parts for systems like:

  • PHILIPS BV 300 Plus C-Arm
  • PHILIPS Practix 33 Portable
  • PHILIPS BV Endura DS Mobile C-arm
  • PHILIPS BV Pulsera Mobile C-arm
  • And many more

Toshiba X-Ray Parts for frequently used systems:

  • TOSHIBA KXO-50 X-Ray Rad room
  • TOSHIBA RADREX-i Digital
  • TOSHIBA Ultimax-i Multiporposue system
  • TOSHIBA Kalare R&F System
  • TOSHIBA IME-100L Portable
  • And many more
Double Action Hand Switch, X-Ray parts for Philips Practix 33 Mobile X-Ray

Double Action Hand Switch for Philips Practix 33 Mobile

Over Head Control Console, X-Ray parts for GE Revolutions XRD System

Over Head Control Console for GE Revolutions XRD System

PCB Unit mA Control Board, X-Ray parts for Philips Optimus 50 Rad Room

PCB Unit mA Control Board for Philips Optimus 50 Rad Room

JEDI standard HV Tank, X-Ray Parts for GE Proteus Rad Room

JEDI standard HV Tank for GE Proteus Rad Room

“The widest variety of x-ray parts for rad rooms, c-arm’s and portable x-ray systems”

— Meditegic


  • What is the quality of the X-Ray parts?

    We have new X-Ray parts, used and rebuilt depending on the system, as well as the model you need, as for the restored parts, they can show signs of wear and tear, however each part we offer is fully functional and previously tested, we rely on our parts for X-Ray systems.

  • Are these X-Ray parts ready for fast shipping?

    As for parts used, tested and rebuilt, it could take up to 48 hours to ship from our facilities to their final destination. In contrast, new parts usually have a longer lead time that varies depending on the manufacturer, part status (if it’s in existence or after order) and its location.