Anesthesia parts, oxygen sensors and gas monitoring

Meditegic® supplies new spare parts for anesthesia machines, gas monitoring equipment, anesthetic gas analyzers, ventilators and humidifiers of the most prominent brands in the market. Also, we have a wide variety of new supplies and consumables like oxygen sensors (O2 sensors), valves, cables, fans and many more.

  • Anesthesia parts for the most used brands and systems
  • Brand new spare parts and supplies for medical gas systems
  • Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors)
  • OEM original calibration-gas tanks and regulators
  • Anesthesia ventilators and humidifiers
  • Few non-critical parts could have alternative condition used or refurbished, just ask to our sales agent
  • Competitive price worldwide
  • Access to +500 suppliers
  • Global supply reach (Fast shipping service +28 countries)

We sell an extensive supply of anesthesia parts, oxygen sensors, parts and consumables for GE, Datex-Ohmeda, Siemens and Philips among others. If you need a HARD-TO-GET part or oxygen sensor please contact us!

Anesthesia parts for the most requested systems:

  • GE
  • Datex-Ohmeda
  • Criticare
  • Drager
  • Philips
  • IntelliVue
  • Datascope
  • AirShield

Please verify our models and call us to assure we have the part that you may need:


  • Anesthesia equipment GE, Datex-Ohmeda, Dragger and Philips IntelliVue monitors

    GE Aisys CS2
    GE Aestiva/5
    GE Aespire 7100
    Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Avance
    GE Datex Ohmeda S/5 Anesthesia Monitor
    GE Datex Ohmeda Cardiocap/5 Anesthesia Monitor
    GE Datex Ohmeda Cardiocap/5 Patient Monitor
    Datex-Ohmeda Excel 210 SE
    Datex-Ohmeda Modulus SE

    Drager Narkomed GS
    Drager Fabius GS
    Drager Fabius GS Premium
    Drager Fabius Tiro
    Drager Apollo
    IntelliVue MX40
    IntelliVue MX700
    IntelliVue MX800
    IntelliVue MP90

    IntelliVue MP5SC
    IntelliVue MMS X2
    IntelliVue MP2
    IntelliVue MX550
    IntelliVue XG50
    IntelliVue MX500
    IntelliVue MX450
    IntelliVue MX400
    IntelliVue MP5

We offer brand-new and OEM replacement oxygen sensors (O2 Sensors) compatible with these brands:


  • GE Datex-Ohmeda Oxygen Sensor
  • GE Ohmeda Giraffe Oxygen Sensor
  • Philips Oxygen Sensor
  • Siemens Oxygen Sensor
  • Maxtec Oxygen Sensor
  • Puritan Bennet Oxygen Sensor
  • Drager Narkomed Series Oxygen Sensor
  • International Technologies Oxygen Sensor
  • Invivo Oxygen Sensor
  • Pacifitech Oxygen Sensor
  • Teledyne Oxygen Sensor
  • Teleflex Oxygen Sensor
  • Precision Medical Oxygen Sensor
  • Hamilton Oxygen Sensor
  • EnviteC Oxygen Sensor
  • Sensidyne Oxygen Sensor
  • Spacelabs Oxygen Sensor
  • Analytical Industries Oxygen Sensor
  • BioMed Devices Oxygen Sensor
  • Versamed Oxygen Sensor
  • Fluke Oxygen Sensor
  • CareFusion Oxygen Sensor
  • Datascope Oxygen Sensor
  • Hewlett Packard Oxygen Sensor
  • Drager Oxygen Sensor
  • Mindray Oxygen Sensor
  • HillRom Oxygen Sensor
  • City Technology Oxygen Sensor
  • VTI Oxygen Sensor
  • Mercury Medical Oxygen Sensor
  • Paragon Oxygen Sensor
  • Penlon Oxygen Sensor
  • MSA Oxygen Sensor
  • IMT Oxygen Sensor
  • Taema Oxygen Sensor
  • Viasys Oxygen Sensor
  • Devilbiss Oxygen Sensor
  • Stephan Oxygen Sensor
  • Figaro Oxygen Sensor

Brand-new and OEM replacement gas monitoring equipment and devices:

These supply devices may be part of:

  • Multivariable monitors
  • Anesthesia machines / Anesthesia workstations
  • Vital signs monitors (VSM)
  • Patient monitors
  • Portable analyzers

Parts and supplies for Anesthetic Gas Analyzers

  • Endotracheal Adaptors
  • Scavenging Kits (Monitoring Kits)
  • Sample Lines
  • Combined Trap/Filters
  • Replacements for CO2 Absorbers
  • Gas Traps
  • Cannulas
  • Lines



  • What is the quality of the anesthesia machine parts and supplies?

    We have parts according to the system and model you need, each part that we offer for anesthesia machines is completely brand-new, we rely on our parts for anesthesia machines.

  • Are these O2 sensors and supplies ready for fast shipping?

    It could take up to 48 hours to send our oxygen sensors and parts from our facilities to their final destination, being new components usually have a longer delivery period that varies depending on the manufacturer and the state of the part (if it is in stock or by order) and its location.