Dura 422-MV (OEM 5534776, 10940888) Siemens Refurbished X-Ray tube

Siemens Dura 422-MV (OEM 5534776, 10940888) For Somatom Emotion 6 CT Refurbished tube X-Ray
Dura 422-MV (OEM 5534776, 10940888) Siemens Refurbished X-Ray tube For Somatom Emotion 6 CT and ready to ship.

  • Refurbished with quality processes and fully functional
  • Warranty included
  • International shipping
  • Constant stock
  • Double tested with our in house scanners
  • Competitive price worldwide


  • What is the quality of the refurbished tubes?

    The CT X-Ray Tubes we have in stock are refurbished by our licensed partnership in Germany and tested to complain EU standards, that’s why we can always provide warranties, we trust our tubes.


  • These tubes come with a warranty?

    Our X-ray tubes are refurbished, system tested and provided with a pro-rated warranty (usually 150.000 Scan Seconds).

  • Are these tubes sold in exchange or outright?

    Due that we take the insert and rebuild the housing, is necessary to ask the exchange of the tube in disuse, this allow us to rebuild and use the housing when get several inserts from the market, as our process of testing and manufacturing is qualified and efficient this help us to keep our prices competitive. When the customer is in the need of an outright tube we can offer it but since we loss the opportunity to rebuild the housing in disuse, the prices for an outright tube tend to increase considerably.

  • Why are refurbished tubes better than the used ones?

    The refurbished tubes are rebuild and the insert vacuum is tested to avoid bubbles, all this along the usage tests we implement and our quality in the manufacture make the refurbished tubes a better option over an used one.

  • Are these tubes in stock or ready for fast shipping?

    Yes, our X-ray tubes are available for immediate shipping to the location the customer may require.