Cassettes and imaging plates for computed radiography

In Meditegic® we offer a wide variety of CR Cassettes & Imaging Plates with new, refurbished, and pre-owned options, to meet the needs of various CR exams and clinical applications including long-length imaging, orthopedics, pediatrics, mammography and more applications with the best competitive prices in the market.

  • CR parts for the most used brands and systems
  • Each CR Cassette and spare part is carefully tested
  • Parts discontinued by the manufacturer and for older models
  • We sell any of the models announced on this website
  • Complete units and location services
  • Competitive price worldwide
  • Access to +500 suppliers
  • Global supply reach (Fast shipping service +28 countries)

We have an extensive supply of CR system parts and CR Cassettes, in addition, we have access to a new portfolio of  imaging plates that are built around premium core technology, especially for systems such as KODAK and Carestream among others. If you need a HARD-TO-GET cassette please contact us!

CR cassettes and parts for the most requested systems:

  • Kodak CR
  • Carestream CR
  • Fuji CR

Please verify our models and call us to assure we have the part that you may need:

“High quality CR parts and cassettes ready to ship worldwide”

— Meditegic

Kodak and Carestream CR Cassettes & imaging plates

We manage plates and cassettes in an extensive range of brands and sizes, always taking care of the quality of our products we verify that our CR Cassettes provide a consistent image quality, quick image proccessing and portability (light weight) to ease the work of all the experts on imaging.

  • Bearing Protectors for DR and CR Weight
  • Cassette Protectors Weight Bearing
  • We also manage several sizes for imaging plates and cassettes:
    • Carestream CR Mammography Screen available in two sizes: 18 x 24 cm (8×10″) and 24 x 30 cm (10×12″)
    • Kodak Point of care Cassettes in 7 sizes: 24x30cm, 15x30cm, 14×17″, 14×14″, 11×14″, 8×10″, 10×12″
    • Kodak CR Cassettes available in 5 different sizes: 35x43cm, 35x35cm, 15x30cm, 18x24cm, 24x30cm
  • Fast shipping service
  • Competitive prices

  • Cassettes and Imaging Plates for Kodak Point-of-Care

      • 15x30cm Point-of-Care CR Flexible Phosphor Screen
      • 24x30cm Point-of-Care CR Flexible Phosphor Screen
      • 8×10″ Point-of-Care CR Flexible Phosphor Screen
      • 10×12″ Point-of-Care CR Flexible Phosphor Screen
      • 14×14″ Point-of-Care CR Flexible Phosphor Screen
      • 14×33″ Point-of-Care CR Flexible Phosphor Screen
  • Cassettes and Image Plates for Kodak DirectView CR
    • 15x30cm Flexible Phosphor GP screen
    • 18x24cm Flexible Phosphor GP screen
    • 24x30cm Flexible Phosphor GP screen
    • 35x35cm Flexible Phosphor GP screen
  • Cassette Agfa ADC CR with DS4000 Imaging Plate
  • Cassette Agfa CR 30X with MD 4.0 Imaging Plate
  • Plates Agfa for ADC Cassettes
  • Cassette Bodies Fuji CR
  • Cassette FujiFilm Type CC Grid


  • What is the quality of the CR system parts and cassettes?

    We offer parts that may come brand-new, used and refurbished depending of the system and model you may need, as for used and refurbished parts these might show some sign of wear and use but every part we sell its functional and fully tested.

  • Are these CR parts ready for fast shipping?

    As for our used and refurbished parts taken from working systems we can ship the same day after the payment gets confirmed. If the part is new and comes from the manufacturer there’s an usual lead time of 5 to 9 business days for the part to arrive to our warehouse, once there we can ship it to the destination you may need.