Oracle SUN/SPARC boards for MRI and X-Ray workstations.

The Oracle SUN/SPARC boards are a fundamental part of a medical imaging system due to the importance of the proper operation within workstations and servers with the MRI and X-ray systems. It is important that for the processing of images and sensitive patient data, these are always in proper operation. We currently have a wide range of motherboards for replacement and assembly of its workstations for equipment of the Hitachi and Siemens brands.

Some of the models we usually manage are: SUN/SPARC Station 4 Motherboard, SUN/SPARC Station 5 Motherboard, SUN/SPARC Station 10, SUN/SPARC Station 10 Motherboard,SUN/SPARC Station 20 Motherboard, SUN/SPARC Server 1000 Motherboard, SUN/SPARC Server 1000E Motherboard, SUN/SPARC Server 1000 Motherboard among others.

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Motherboard SUN/SPARC for Siemens and Hitachi Workstations.

SUN/SPARC boards ready to ship worldwideSUN/SPARC Motherboards for for Siemens and Hitachi x-ray and MRI workstations ready to ship.

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