GE nuclear equipment parts, pn and description

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2170412 Membrane Switch Assembly
2199382 Collimator ID Board Millennium & Infinia
2199396 RCU / Handheld Controller GE Millennium VG

46-264628G3 Display Interface Board (Grey Ring Gantry)
46-272357G3 Hand Controller for Grey Ring Gantry
46-272364P2 Power/Main Switch Block
46-324470G1 Lynwood Box (Monitor Conversion to VGA)
46-408118P2 Display Module Grey Ring Gantry Top Box
473-3681-0503 RCU / Handheld Controller GE Millennium VG

5267449 Detector Contact Pin Board

ASM500085 Infinia 2 RCU Handheld Control Assembly
PCA000051-01 MG Detector Limit Switch
PCA000111 Collimator ID Board Millennium & Infinia
PCA000357 PMT PreAmp Board Millennium
PCA000361 Collimator Connector Board
PCA000482 PMT PreAmp Board Millennium
XW040451330 Cable for RCU Assembly for Millennium

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