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2102334 AdvantX SFD Motor / Clutch / Drive
2113889 Bridge lock, Outboard
2124484-3 Lateral Drive Motor
2133607 Advantx SFD Console
2133910 Workstation Keyboard Sun (Cath Lab Type)
2141481 Console Fan Assy
2143485 Power Assist Handle
2147643 Power Asist Preamp Board
2150569 Main Power Supply
2150569-2 Lagacy Table Main Power Supply
2155477 Inverter for SCPU/mph
2156512-2 P9233YG Sub Board Assy
2165904 Command Board KVP
2169940 Octane 2 18GB 10K RPM Drive
2164148 Dielectric Oil
2171190 3KVA AC Distribution
2173060 AMX4 Latch PCI
2189633 VR PCB OPTO Isolator
2203422 Bucky Power Board Left Hand
2207146-2 Camera Tube XQ 1585
2210736 Ethernet Interface Board
2215043 Linemaster Foot Switch (Cath Lab Type)
2222891 Ultranet Collimator Ring Torque Wrench
2226682 Silhouette-VR Manual Collimator
2233245 Carte KVMA V4 Board
2241449 Sony UP980 CE Hardcopy Film
2241899 P9237SB SU Amp
2245794 Modem Kit
2245773 Modem Kit
2249450 Global Telco Adapter Kit
2258539 Screw Assembly P2014NH Definium
2259298-26 Table Logic Control Board
2266999 Ultranet SA Collimator
2269175 Long Encoder Assembly Definium?)
2270274 Revolution XR/d Gipeto System Table I/O Board
2271521 Idler Assembly Definium
2271727 Collimator Bulb
2273437 AMX 4 Plus Drive Handle
2273438 AMX 4 Horizontal Arm Assy
2276115 Condor Detector Drive DC Motor Encoder
2285870 Programmed Heater Board
2293142 CAN POS IO Board PWA
2300154 Generic IFKV Control Cable
2331092-2 Ion Board MVCH (RH)
2331097 Ion Board 3 Cell ICX211R
2345236-2 Display AMX4 Varation 2
2366118 LVLE Power Supply AMX-4
2405806 Control Bd
2409048 Programmed Heater V4 (Legacy)
2409241 AMX Display Control Board
248355-3 Liebel Flarsheim Bucky Motor Bd
35080B Fluke Model 35080B (Measures Kvp)

45296001 Ultranet SA Collimator
46-136246P12 .625 wide X 25 yards Black Velcro-Loop
46-136246P13 .625 wide X 25 yards Black Velcro-Hook
46-176608G1 Tube Protector
46-186558G1 RELAY BOARD
46-188082G1 Gate Control
46-188714G1 Servo PCB
46-221866P5 Console On/Off Switch (RX/i)
46-232026G2 Servo Amplifier 8835 SFD
46-232032G1 Display AMX4 Varation 2
46-232738G1 12VDC Reg
46-232786G2 AMX 4 Rotor Control Board
46-232836G2 AMX Drive System Power Amp
46-251198P2 Power One +5 /6Amp
46-251198P13 Power One HCAA-60W-A
46-251198P37 Power One HD48-703 38V/3amps
46-264026G1 Manifold Interface Board
46-264362G1 SFD FORMAT CONTROL for 8835 SFD
46-264676G1 SFD Push Button Board RFX
46-264974G5 AMX4 Controller Board
46-270484G1 Bridge Lock for XT Hanger
46-270615P3 AMX4+ Collimator
46-270800G5 Handswitch
46-275860G2 Fan Assembly (3) Top of Cabinets
46-286129P51 Mitaya 12:1 78 LINE/CM 100CM Grid
46-288476G1 ECM –CPU – BIU RFX
46-288764G1 1KHz Driver Board AMX
46-288786G2 Battery Charger Board AMX
46-297396P1 3-30VAC/DC Solid State Relay
46-297948P1 3M Filter Fine Particle
46-302066G2 Power Assist Handle
46-302066G3 Power Assist Handle Lagacy
46-302882G1 Battery Load 1200 watts
46-302882P1 Battery Load 1200 watts
46-303474P1 AMX 4 Cord Reel with Plug
46-316198G1 AMX 4 Latch Assembly with Hall Effect Sensor
46-316202G3 Front Sensor Kit for 8835 SFD
46-316308G1 AMX-4 Latch Assembly w Hall Effect
46-316447G2 Safety Reel
46-316900G2 Handle & PA Preamp for 8835/8535 SFD
46-321188G1 Power Assist Handle (SFD)
46-903703G12 TIRC Control REV B
46-903708G12 TIRC Control
46-903710G16 TIRC Control
46-953218P15 Paper Cap 650v 16mf, MVP 60/80/100

5116170 AMX4+ Collimator
5120463 Lighting Table Amp Advanced Motion Control
5118655 Joystick with Switches RX/i
5120688 Absolute Multi-Turn Encoder
5122505 Power Supply AC-DC 65 Watts
5128334 Lighting Table Amp with Firmware
5129730 Precision RXI Cabinet Key
5135781-2 AMX700 Digital Platform Power Supply
5154719 Gas Lift Spring for DS
5175500 P500D Lime Board
5248231 D8000 Idler Assembly Definium 8000
5268425-2 Keypad buttons for ROHS, DS
91726753 Gas Lift Spring for the DMR Column

Aluminum 1″ 12X12X1 inch AL Squares
AT-MC13-10 Ethernet Media Converter
AMX Floor Jack Hydraulic Floor jack for ALL AMX Portables
Battery Load Battery Load 1200 watts
Copper Sheets Set of 10 (.5mm) Used as Step Wedge
Hook Hoist Universal Hoist
Plexiglas 1″ 12X12X1 inch Acrylic Squares
Tomographic Phantom Tomographic Phantom Plexiglass 12 Step


35080B Fluke Model 35080B (Measure Rad)

46-270615P3 AMX4 + Collimator

46-288764G1 1KHz Driver Board AMX

2276115 Condor DC Motor Encoder 24 Volts DC

5175500 P500D Lime Board

45296001 Ultranet SA Collimator

46-302066G2 Power Assist Handle

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